Protein Plus 52% Cookies & Cream

2.90 2.60 Inc.Vat


For performance in sports your nutrition after exercise is important. The right nutrition after exercise supports regeneration and training adaptions and thus supports you reaching your goals. As an important “building block” for muscle growth and maintenance your body needs protein. PROTEIN PLUS 52% bars provide your muscles with an extra-large serving of protein directly after exercise. One bar contains only 0.7g of sugar and is reduced in carbohydrates.

  • With an extra-large serving of protein: 26g of protein per 50g bar
  • With casein, whey and soy protein to support muscle growth and maintenance
  • Ideal as a high-protein, low-sugar snack: 52% protein and 0.7 g of sugar per bar
  • Only 3.4g fat per bar
  • Excellent taste, great fluffy texture with crunchy crisp pieces
  • Aspartame free

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