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The inspection of the technical information provided and of the suitability of the products lies solely on the responsibility of the website customer. E-sportshop holds no responsibility for possible incompatibility of its products with other products.


Declaration of the customer

The customer declares that all the information provided while using our website is accurate. The customer has the obligation of covering any damage caused to e-sportshop.gr by unauthorised parties who used the customer’s account.


Limitation of liability

In no event shall e-sportshop.gr be liable to any user of the site or any other person or entity for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, consequential or exemplary damages arising out of the use or inability to use the site as well as for possible faults, interruptions, delays or the transmission of data during the use of the website.


Prices in e-sportshop.gr

The price of the merchandise you have ordered may change only before the confirmation of your email order. Once your order has been confirmed the price remains unchanged.


Personal data

The personal data of our customers are used, according to the 2472/97 law,  exclusively for the completion and receipt of your orders, the provision of individual services and the purpose of enabling statistical conclusions. Personal data is not forwarded to third parties. With his/her order the customer consents to the processing and storage of personal data by e-sportshop ike for the purpose of completion and receipt of orders, the provision of individualised services and the enabling of statistical conclusions. Our customers have the right to access any information given to us (access right n.12 2472/97 law) and to submit objections concerning the processing of his/her personal data at any time (objection right n. 2472/97).



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For the protection of the information used through our site SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) is used. SSL is a communication protocol which encrypts the transmission between your computer and the eshop server. The decryption of your data is extremely powerful and is considered practically unbreakable.


Electronic storage of orders

Your orders are stored electronically and if you wish you can check the content of your order.


The use of e-sportshop.gr is made with the exclusive responsibility of the visitor-customer. We shall not be held responsible for malicious interference of third parties.

The visitors of e-sportshop.gr are obligated not to harm third parties with any malicious use of the website and will not interfere with their personal data.

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