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Presentation of the Shovel

The Siux Fusion II has arrived , a control racket that promises to provide your plays with excellent resistance and great manageability when launching the ball. Its design has been improved, to make it more durable and to offer players; greater cushioning when hitting.

This Siux shovel is characterized by being extremely comfortable, since the core was made with EVA Soft rubber , for better cushioning. Apart from the comfort achieved by its rubber, the comfort is also added by the frame and the tops, which are made of fiberglass. You will like very much the sporty design of this Siux shovel , which shines through the Siux logo, present in the plans, it also stands out for the blue color that is in the heart of the shovel. The balance of this model is low, to improve control. Quality, manageability, extreme comfort; this is how the Siux Fusion II blade is defined.

Player Type

It is made for players with an intermediate to professional level of play; the Siux fusion II is undoubtedly an excellent option to have control on the track.

Technical characteristics

This Sioux control paddle was built in a round format , it has a low balance, which allows you to dominate every movement; its frame is built in a fiberglass twin tube, which provides resistance to the blade. Similarly, the  faces are 100% fiberglass , this material adds excellent resistance to shocks and prolongs the life of the blade; also, it achieves a better ball exit. Inside this shovel we have the  soft EVA rubber core , which provides an excellent output of the ball and a great rebound, in the same way ,This core adds better cushioning on hits. It has a matte finish, which allows for more controlled effects. It has a 38mm profile.


This padel racket is distinguished by its beautiful and interesting combination of matte black with an original shade of blue that can be seen in the plane and the heart of the racket.

Shovel Summary

It is an excellent option for players who want a game of control and a racket that offers excellent cushioning in the hits, it was created with a round shape and has a low balance, a 38 mm profile and is for intermediate and advanced level of the sport.

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